Friday, February 17, 2012


This week is an excerpt from my WIP, Born Again in Dreams. This scene has Sorin and Fallyn in their special place. Enjoy!

“I would love to know more about you, Fallyn, but I think we need to leave,” he spoke with a heavily accented voice, yet velvety and soft.
“Do we have to?” She pouted.
His eyes closed for a split second, he didn’t want to leave either, but Stefan and Alex had to be wondering what happened. “Yes.” He gave a light smack on her ass cheek, and then he lowered his head and captured her lips, a soft yet passionate kiss. He released her lips and licked his way down her throat, across her collarbone, trailing fiery kisses down her skin until he reached her breast. The woman was like a drug to him, more so than any other in his lengthy existence. The simple intimacy they shared in this sanctuary was one that he didn’t wish to leave, but that was the conundrum he faced. Here, he wasn’t vampire, except he was vampire and that was the reality. Eventually, he’d return to the darkness of the real world.
As his body over-rode his logical thoughts to leave this magical place, he swirled his tongue across her nipple and she moaned.

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  1. Wow! What a well-written dozen! Great job Cynthia!

  2. I wonder what he will feel like when he goes back to his dark world.


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