Friday, February 10, 2012


Here's my twelve from a WIP, Born Again in Dreams. It is the third in a series and features Sorin and Fallyn. The two have an unusual relationship, he's vampire (nothing unusual there for a paranormal romance) but they meet in dreams. She's been in a coma due to an accident and suffering brain damage. There's a return of the original H/h from Born to Be Wild, a vampire serial killer, and a few more twists. It's unedited, so be kind.

This scene is when the two would-be lovers finally come together, not in their dreams but in "reality".

Sorin silenced her with a crushing kiss. He deepened it, and she made a whimpering sound. Stroking and suckling, he teased her lips apart. Their tongues intertwined and danced, thrusting in and withdrawing for long moments. Fallyn moaned in delight. He kept the pressure on her mouth as his right hand slid over her hip. After he released her arms above her head, she wiggled her hands up under his tight black T-shirt which stretched across his bulging pecs and flat abs. His breath hitched at the unexpected shock of a fingernail flicking and swirling over his nipples, teasing each erect. Mmm, I think she likes it hard and rough.
“Dammit! This isn’t working. Clothes have to go.”

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  1. I think he may be right... she likes it hard and rough. Gonna be a GOOD night!


  2. sounds like someone has sensitive nipples ;) very nice, very nice indeed.

  3. I love the final sentence when he say the clothes have to go. Nice beginning of an erotic scene.


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