Texas Heat


What a lousy forty-second birthday Charlie Reynolds is having, the only gifts--a pair of cowboy boots she bought and cake by the town’s diner proprietor. An embarrassing moment with the new veterinarian tops the day off. Divorced and lonely, she soon discovers her libido isn’t dead. Lusting after the tall and handsome doctor can’t go anywhere. No way would he be interested in a plain, older woman ready to be put out to pasture. Or so she thinks.

Zach Callahan is heating up the ladies in the town of Brady Hills. He returned to his Texas roots from Virginia to start a new life taking over a thriving practice. 

The first day, he meets a gorgeous woman, and is instantly smitten—cowboy boots and all. He’s only interested in heating up the sheets with one woman in Texas, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or so he thinks.

Temperatures rise as the heat between Charlie and Zach reaches the boiling point.


Story Excerpt 

“Ooh, sorry. Guess I hit a nerve, huh?” Emma cast a glance toward the front door and lowered her voice. “You know, I think you’re being too hard on yourself, hon. Yeah you work long hours, but look what you’ve accomplished. You’re not plain either. You look better than I did at your age, a nice slim figure, nice big hair, and can ride with the best of the cowboys in these parts. I think he is exactly the sort of guy that could put a little zip in your step, Miss Birthday Girl. It’s time you get back in the saddle and ride a man. How long has it been since you’ve had a roll in the hay or even a date?” 

Emma’s wink left no doubt in Charlie’s mind she was teasing. Or was she? “I’m not interested in either one. I’ve got the ranch, and that’s my only love right now.” 

“Really?” Emma looked over Charlie’s shoulder. “Tell me somethin’. If you had the opportunity wouldn’t you jump his bones?” 

To be honest, Charlie couldn’t tell Emma about the last man. When did she last have a date? Damn! She couldn’t even remember the last time she had a kiss, let alone a man in her bed, saddle or a roll in the hay. “Emma, I told you, I’m not interested in taking up with no man, especially with a fancy pants like Doctor Callahan. Besides, he’s not my type.” 

“What types do you like Miss Reynolds?” the low, sultry voice resonated behind her. 

Oh dang! Charlie’s eyes widened staring at Emma who only flashed a wicked grin in return. 

“Hey Pete, Doc Callahan. Just in time for some birthday cake,” Emma said.

For the second time within an hour, Charlie’s face blushed from embarrassment. Slowly turning on the bar stool, she came to rest eyes on the face of the new vet, the strong jawline, high cheekbones, and those eyes. They were a deeper hazel, almost a golden sable, darker than earlier and she fought to tamp down the heat rushing through her body as he curled the edges of his mouth in a wicked upturned grin.
“An outdoorsy, rough riding cowboy.” Charlie lied, but pulled a description out of her head the total opposite of what the vet appeared.

“Really? Well I guess two out of three isn’t bad.” The smile grew wider. “You left this at Pete’s,” he said extending his arm with a bag in his hands. 

Which two did he mean? When he handed the handles over, he brushed her fingers with his and butterflies fluttered in her stomach carrying tingles down her spine. They didn’t stop there, sharp electric zaps flowed lower. Dormant for years, her body and hormones now betrayed her. “My boots. Thank you.” Now she felt like an idiot. Geesh, I am getting old. I can’t remember shit! “I have to go. I’ll talk to you later, Emma.” 

Adult Excerpt 

“Perfect, now come here. I think it’s time we lose the rest of our clothes?” 

No verbal response came to his suggestion; she just locked her gaze on his and walked back to his side in a slow, cat-like manner. She was enjoying this seductive dance of foreplay as much as he was from the expression and body language he displayed. Stepping closer, she placed her fingers on his tight stomach, a sliver of curly hair was visible above the low rise of his jeans. Nothing about her touch was tentative as she dragged her fingertips across his skin, stroking upward as his muscles flexed. She gazed up at him, and said, “You do it. Undress me.” 

Obviously, he didn’t need a formal invitation and made quick work of the job, reaching down to the hem of her nightgown and pulled it over her head. She stood before him naked except for her lace bikini panties. The palms of his hands reached to her full breasts, massaging them, and the hard nipples perked up. 

“Ohmigod.” Charlie sucked in a deep breath. A long, low moan confirmed her sensitivity and his success. How she loved a man of action. Something her ex-husband never was. 

Zach nibbled along her collarbone and down to the rise of the lush breasts that had filled his hands moments earlier. Free of any constraints, her nipples were hard nubs begging to be squeezed and he obliged. Cupping the full flesh in his hands, his head inched lower. He caught first one, then the other pebble in his mouth, raking each between his teeth. Gasps of delight and moans escaped her mouth. She had other treasures he needed to explore and arched her breast into his palm, demanding more attention. 

“You really want to make love to me?” she asked, breathless.
Instead of answering, Zach took her hand and placed it on the button fly of his jeans. She gasped, feeling the hard throbbing flesh beneath the denim. He released a nipple from his mouth with a pop, raising his head, their eyes met. 

The deep despair and loneliness that had enveloped her earlier disappeared. She looked at Zach with joy and belonging. His sexy smile, filled with desire and excitement, had her heart thudding hard against her ribs. He wanted her. He really, truly wanted her. 

No words needed to be spoken. She started to unbutton his jeans and peel them over his hips and down his legs as he continued to play with her breasts. When the jeans dropped to the floor, he stepped out of them and kicked them aside. Pressing against her, she realized he had nothing on, and his erection pushed on her belly. A sudden wetness drenched her panties.

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  1. I love the excerpts....both of them are good, especially the first one, where Emma gets her to talking and then totally embarrasses her in front of the doctor,lol, too funny.

    Can't wait to get it!


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