Lex Aeterna ~ Book 3 in the Forces of Beauty Series ~ Jason, attorney for Christian MacKenzie, owner of the Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation, is in London, UK, on business and encounters a mysterious woman who is running from members of an ancient cult. She has many secrets, but will Jason uncover them without doing harm to his body or heart?

Born Trouble ~ Book 4 in the Born Vampire Series ~ Boulder McCoy is the new vamp enforcer in town. He likes his women intelligent, rough, and able to ride him hard. Will he be able to rope in the exotic dancer running from the bad boyfriend, or lose her forever?

Rumer Has It ~ Presumed dead after an attack by a vampire several years ago, Rumer Clermont has shown up wielding a sword against Heath Riley's master and lover, Théo De La Fourché. He's torn between his undying love of his former fiancé Rumer, and his new lover. The three are thrown into a struggle for their existence as they battle outside forces bent on destroying the elder vampire and the De La Fourche L'Ordre, the oldest surviving coven in Southeast Louisiana. The burgeoning feelings developing between them doesn't help matters. What's a vampire to do?  

The Crystal Heiress ~ Daegan Ó Domhnaill, a womanizing lord of the manor in twelfth century Ireland is cursed, trapped within the emerald green crystal tower by a scorned wife, a Druid high priestess. Never shall he feel the warmth of any woman, kiss the lips of a fair maiden, or have carnal pleasures of another. Then, a young woman from the present inherits the ruins of his once grand castle. Both work to free his soul, but by doing so will he be freed from the curse or die as he should have hundreds of years ago?