Sunday, February 5, 2012


Thought I’d share six sentences from a short story in a Valentine's Anthology called Five Hearts from Secret Cravings Publishing. This story is called Lost in the Sea of You, due to release Valentine's Day, and an erotic paranormal. Enjoy.

Mikael had pushed his hands into the pockets of his jeans, anything to keep his fingers occupied and away from touching her again. This delicate flower had the softest skin of any woman he’d ever known. Just simple contact of her arms when she’d grabbed and kissed him made his mouth water and fingers itch to handle other parts of her. When he stripped her clothes and gave her a sponge bath, it took every bit of his control not to look too hard. Hard, hell that’s what he felt. He slapped himself mentally to get those thoughts out of his mind.

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  1. I like those six! Can really feel his torment there.

  2. really great stuff Cynthia! well done

  3. Damn, that was really tight with your work. I love the feeling of the kiss that led to... wow, something else! Great WDD!

    1. Thanks Ray! Think you commented on last week's by mistake, but that's okay. You took a peek and that's what counts!


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