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A mysterious stranger named Beckett Conrad walks into Elizabella Powell’s life bringing news of a great-grandfather, a Cherokee Chief. After the death of her mother, the joy of Christmas had no significance. The hope of a family has her agreeing to travel to Tennessee on Christmas Eve.

Elizabella is independent and controls everything around her and quickly loses it when the stranger arrives. Beckett is an Alpha Wolf Shifter, a fact he keeps hidden, sent to bring the lost Elizabella wolf princess back to the clan. The attraction between them is strong. She thinks he has killer eyes. He thinks she has a killer body.

When the weather prevents travel beyond Las Vegas, the two strangers must choose spending Christmas Eve night either in a hotel or the airport. Will giving up control for one night give Elizabella and Beckett a night of carnal desire or the gift of Christmas Spirit?


Dear God, why was she being a jerk? She liked Mr. Killer Eyes and she acted like a spoiled brat toward him. He was doing his job, hired by a dying man to find his long lost relative, her. The least she could do would be cordial and not give him a hard time. It wasn’t his responsibility to entertain her.

Taking a sip of the Coke, she swallowed, then said, “Beckett, tell me about my great-grandfather. How long have you known him?”

Looking up from his lap, he glanced at her. “All my life. Your great-grandfather, our Great Father is a good chief.”

“That’s all you can tell me? He’s a good chief. You’re not a man of many words are you?”

“I say what is necessary. I’m a man of action, not words.”

Damn, this conversation wasn’t going to go anywhere but to the bedroom if she wasn’t careful. Man of action, yeah right, I bet he could show me some action. Her eyes shifted to his thighs, then higher to his crotch. She swore his jeans expanded before her eyes and quickly darted them away, looking out the window.

The pilot came over the speaker system to announce landing information and thanking everyone for flying with the airline this evening to Las Vegas. Elizabella was thankful for the distraction. The flight attendant came by and gathered the drink cups. This leg of the trip was just over an hour long, what the hell was going to happen on the trip to Chicago and then on to Chattanooga. This was not how she wanted to spend Christmas. Most years she spent with her friends with their families, or by herself curled up with a good book or movie. The day just wasn’t the same anymore. The opportunity to find out she might have other family excited her. Why her mother never told her concerned her. So many questions needed answers.

The seat belt sign flashed on and she adjusted the belt. She glanced back at Beckett, then again out the window. What was she going to do for six hours on the ground with him? This was really a bad idea. Clearly, the attraction between them was mutual, but normally she wasn’t a one-night stand kind of woman. No, she had to stay clear of him while on the ground.

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  1. I am going to be getting some of these books asap. They all look so good. I love a shifter!

    Thank you for being a part of the hop.


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