Sunday, February 19, 2012


Ramsey noted that her eyes widened as she verbally assaulted him. He sensed the fear that had begun to edge her demeanor, brought to the surface by the knowledge of who and what he was. For a moment, he stared into fascinatingly beautiful deep emerald eyes contrasted against pale skin and soft light-colored red hair. What he caught a glimpse of within sent lust rushing over him instantly. Earlier in the evening, he’d not given much conscious thought to the woman other than she was Giselle’s aunt, and a royal pain in the arse. But obviously his body had a mind of its own because he now wanted her fiercely, the power over his libido became hard to tamp down.

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  1. Ooo what's this from? I'm intrigued to know more :)

    1. From my latest release, A Vampire in Paris.


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