Friday, December 2, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

Just found out my last year's Christmas story, a Free Read called Christmas With A Stranger, is being put up for reading at the publisher, so I thought I'd put my twelve this week. Enjoy!

Oh, God, he wanted to take her right then and now, and the wolf wanted satisfaction. The struggle was almost too much to fight, but he wanted to please her first, and fought the urge. He pushed her back further on the bed, spreading her legs and lowering his body over her hot center.
“Lay back, your turn now sweetheart.” His voice became deeper, and he was kneeling between her thighs with his hands holding them open. His warm breath brushed across her exposed folds. The hot touch of his tongue circled along her engorged clit causing her to throw her head back and moan. He sucked her clit into the hot depths of his mouth before running over it again, nibbling and teasing her pussy as he ran his tongue back up to torment her clit. As he continued exploration of her clit, one of his fingers ran in a slow motion around her hot passage. Then, he plunged one finger, then two into her moist flesh, bringing her to release.

“Come for me, Elizabella. Fucking come all over my mouth."

For more on this free read to download, visit on Monday (maybe sooner). For more WDD, go here.


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