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Hello Lacie and Welcome!

A little while back, I had an opportunity to take a peek at Lacie's newest release, Courageous Dare. Military theme and the little tidbit I viewed had my interest. I'm a "Navy Brat" and I married a career naval officer. So, I wanted to read with interest.

So, let's get things started. Here's a little bio of Lacie and then we'll get right into the questions and answers.

Lacie lives in Georgia with her boyfriend of five years and their dog, Libby.  She spends most of her time reading and writing.  She writes from a very personal place and finds that creating a story based off of things she has been through is very cleansing.  She is extremely close to her family so she tends to use little quirks that she loves from her family members to create characters that are realistic.

CYN:  Okay hang on Lacie. I'm about to put you in the hot seat. What main genre do you write in? 

LACIE:  Contemporary romance. I like to write stories that dig down deep into that emotional part of me. I hope I can convey that to my readers. 

CYN:  Interesting how you say you dig down into yourself. I have a feeling you'd do that for any genre you were to write, whether contemporary, paranormal, historical, etc. What comes first for you: Setting? Storyline? Characters? 

LACIE:  A setting. Normally when I start a new story it’s based off an idea that pops in my head.

CYN:  Sounds familiar. I tend to do the same. An idea triggers the setting and then the characters. So what "popped" in your head this time, what inspired your latest release? 

LACIE:  So many families have been rocked to their core by the war. I wanted to honor those that this country lost.

CYN:  Thanks for that Lacie. As I said in the introduction, I am military through and through. Our military need to be appreciated. If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in your latest book? 

LACIE:  No, absolutely not. I can honestly say that I love Courageous Dare just the way it is. I’m very proud of it.

CYN:  And well you should be. What do you have coming next? Anything you want to tell us? 

LACIE:  There are always ideas floating around in my head. The plot bunnies are very demanding. My next project, which I will start soon, I hope, is called Goodbye Agony. I’ve wanted to write a story about a character that lost a love to an illness and finds love again. That’s what this will be about.
CYN:  Sounds great. Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they? 

LACIE:  Don’t ever give up. No matter how many rejection letters you get, there will be that one person out there who will give you a chance. Write what you love.

CYN:  Boy, have I heard that bit of advice repeated by other authors. I think we all have a story to tell. (No pun there. LOL) Okay, back on track. Are there any authors who have influenced your work? 

LACIE:  There are way too many to list.

CYN:  Me too. Enough about the serious stuff, I have a few fun questions to ask you. Let's delve into the psyche of Lacie a bit.  If the world was to end tomorrow, what three things would be on your bucket list? 

LACIE:  Travel the world, meet someone who’s life I’ve influenced positively, to have the feeling that I’ve lived my life to its absolute fullest.

CYN:  Ah, living life to its fullest! Don't we all and get out of our own zip code every now and then doesn't hurt. If one of your books became a movie, which celebrity would you like to star as your main characters? 

LACIE:  Oh, goodness! I honestly don’t know who I would want to play them. Someone that can convey the emotion the characters go through is a must though.

CYN:  I with you on that. Now a little more personal, if you came with a warning label, what would it say? 

LACIE:  Be prepared for brutal honesty. Sometimes that filter in my brain that says “You really shouldn’t say that,” doesn’t work properly.

CYN:  LOL. I know what you mean, I've had to work on my "tact" quality. Sometimes, it is good, but other times...not so good. Sorry, I digressed. If you had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would it be? And why? 

LACIE:  I couldn’t honestly pick one person. There are entirely too many people that I hold dear to my heart to pick just one.  

CYN:  AHHH, you are such a romantic and diplomat. As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

LACIE:  It changed daily! However, the one thing that has always been my safe haven has been my writing. Now I’m lucky enough to share those words with others.

CYN:  You are lucky to be able to be anything you want through your writing. Last question because I know everyone wants to read the excerpt you've brought today. What else would you like readers to know about you or your work? 

LACIE:  I write from a very personal place. When I wrote a particular scene in Courageous Dare, I tapped into a place I never want to be. I took what I would feel if I ever got that news and I ran with it. I was an emotional mess when I finished it.

Thank you for honoring me by stopping by today at Romantic Words by Cynthia, Lacie. Hope we can do this again soon. Now without any more interruption from me, here's an excerpt from Lacie's latest release, Courageous Dare. Enjoy! 


Teeth hitting, tongues warring, and their breath mingling together, desperate and needy, she couldn’t stop it.
“I need to feel you,” he begged against her lips.
 She could have cried from the desperation thick in his voice. Wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling his hips into her, she clung to his body in every way she could. In less than four hours he’d be gone. She molded her body to his, keeping every sliver of skin she could connected to him. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she broke the kiss, and hid her face in the crook of his neck. She breathed him in, sun, mint, and the tiniest hint of cigarette smoke. She always hated the smell of smoke, but on him, mixed with the smell of mint and a scent inherently him, it was mouth watering.
Their bodies moved together as one. Her hands roamed over his back, memorizing every muscle and curve of him. His forehead rested against hers, and she noticed moisture on his cheek, although she didn’t know if it came from her eyes or his.
Baylee pushed on his chest. When he moved back, she moved as well, shifting them, him sitting and her perched in his lap. With her legs around his waist, she writhed against him. She wanted to look into his eyes, fearing if she did, she’d never stop crying. His head rested on her shoulder as she whispered soft words of love in his ear.
When she had an orgasm, it rocked her soul, right down to the very core of her. Her body shook against his. She pulled back slightly, she wanted to see his face when she brought him to bliss. When she looked at him, she couldn’t stop the sob from leaving her. His eyes, bright all the time, shimmered. His chin quivered, but the look of absolute terror there in the depths of his gaze broke her.
“Nash…” She couldn’t say anything else, couldn’t speak past the emotion lodged in her throat.
“Baylee, please tell me you know how much I love you…please.”
She put her hands on both sides of his face, using her left thumb to wipe away the tear slipping from his eye.
“I know, Nash, I know it with everything inside. You love me.”
They still moved together, still worshiped the other’s body until his pace became erratic. When he came, he gripped her hips too tightly. She didn’t give a word of complaint. She held onto him, running her fingers through his hair, trying to hold him together with all the strength she had.
“I love you, baby girl. Don’t ever forget.”
“I love you too.”


Baylee Crawford thought she had her whole life figured out, right up until she accepts a scandalous little dare involving a mysterious man that makes her throw caution to the wind. When she falls completely in love with her mystery man, how will she cope when she has to say goodbye to him as he leaves for war? When a tragedy threatens to tear her world apart, Baylee is left feeling lost and has no idea how to help her family in the midst of this loss. Follow Baylee and Nash through a tale of love, passion, longing, war, and tragedy. 

Oh, before we go, Lacie where can we find you?

Thanks again, and I hope everyone leaves a little love for Lacie!


  1. Great interview Lacie! And LOVED your excerpt! *waggles* Sexy and tender. Nicely done.

  2. Thanks! I loved writing that scene.


  3. Great interview! The excerpt was awesome. I can't wait to read the rest of it!

  4. Thanks Marie! I absolutly loved writing this book.



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