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Today is the release of two of my Christmas stories, one Naughty and one Nice. So, in honor I thought I'd share the Room with fellow authors and their  Christmas stories. Enjoy!

Daisy Dunn
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Christmas Stockings


Seth Colt had a trust fund set up for him to obtain on his thirty-fifth birthday, which happens to be Christmas day. In order to get that money, the stipulation is that he must be married. With no prospects in sight, Seth sets up a temporary marriage contract with Faith Timmons. They will be married long enough for him to collect the trust fun and then get a quick divorce. The problem he’s facing is that he has fallen madly in love with his new bride.

Faith goes to a job interview and is shocked when she is offered a marriage contract instead of a job. Since the terms of the contract are no sex and a million dollar payout when they divorce, she jumps at the opportunity. However, no matter how hard she tries to push the sexy rogue away, he remains vigilant in his pursuit of her.


He stood in the hallway fighting with his desire for her. Finally, he leaned down, kissed her tenderly on her cheek, and ran into the refuge of his bedroom.

For twenty minutes, he paced the floor like a caged animal, warring against the passion
building into a dangerous level inside of him. He took off his shirt and socks telling himself to go to bed and masturbate, but now that he had a taste of her lips, he wanted more. She felt like a drug in his system and one kiss would only hold him for so long. He stood up, about to unbutton his pants, when he lost the battle raging inside of him.

He stormed out of his room, and without knocking, burst through Faith’s door, slamming it
shut behind him. She sat enticingly at her vanity in an oversized T-shirt and no pants. She had a brush in her hand but dropped it immediately. “Is everything all right?” She asked as he strode across the room to her.

He didn’t utter a word, as the dark lust had taken over his very soul. She stood up, and when
he reached her, he pulled her roughly into his arms. “Everything will be better soon.”

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Hearts’N’Holly (Anthology)

Love for Christmas


Christmas is all about love, and do you know of a better Christmas gift than a true heart-to-heart connection? XoXo Publishing proudly presents Hearts and Holly, a Christmas compendium of romantic stories. Represented here are new love and enduring love, first love and even married love, in a Christmas cornucopia of stories ranging from sweet to searing. All the stories revolve around the Christmas season, and all the stories will warm your heart. (Several of the stories will warm you in other places, as well. LOL.) By the time you are finished reading Hearts’n’Holly, you will all be a true believer in Santa Claus.


“This is the police. Drop your weapons and the flashlight, and get down on the ground. Now!” he bellowed.

A scream rang through the quiet house, startling him. His perpetrator was apparently a woman. It didn’t matter to him, though. Women were generally more dangerous than men because men tended to let down their guards with them.

“Wait, no, you don’t understand, I’m….”

“Get on the ground, hands behind your head.”

“But I’m not a criminal, I’m….”

“That’s it. You’re not giving me a choice.”

Jack lunged at the woman’s back, quickly pinned her to the ground, and handcuffed her behind her back. He grabbed the flashlight that was on the floor, and then he abruptly pulled her to a standing position. He shined the flashlight in her face, but just as he was about to berate her, he mentally stumbled. Her unexpected beauty robbed him of breath. She looked angry, but it didn’t stop the stirring of his cock beneath his jeans. Her dark auburn hair was pulled back into a ponytail that accentuated her high cheekbones. Her lips were full and lush and her eyes emerald green. His six foot-two inch frame towered over her height, which he assessed at about five feet-three inches tall. He couldn’t determine what her body looked like under her jacket, but from what he could see of the rest of her, his desire revved up to high.

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Christmas Warmth (Anthology)

Love and Loss at Christmas


This is a collection of heartwarming stories which take place at the holiday season. They are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye, a lump to your throat, and joy to your heart. Your soul will sing a song of thanks and your spirit will be lifted. Please remember to have a box of tissues on hand, as you will need them.


His loving wife, Betty, whom he had been married to for over fifty years, had passed away in his arms from a heart attack five years earlier, and since then, he had shut the world out. He loved her dearly and missed her terribly every day, the pain of her death never subsiding. They’d never had children, because his beloved had been barren. He married her when he came home as a soldier from the Korean War, and he never regretted a moment with her. She was his world, his life, his everything. Sometimes when he woke up in the middle of the night, he would swear that she lay in bed beside him, but when he reached out to touch her, he felt the cold, empty space beside him. Many times since her death, he had wished God would hurry up and take him, so he could see his beautiful Betty again and not be so heartbreakingly lonely and bereft anymore.

“You look sad, Mr. Simpson.”

George realized he had been thinking about his wife and shook his head to clear his thoughts. “I’m all right, peanut.”

“You look like my mommy. She always gets sad at Christmas.”

“Why is that?”

“My daddy died on Christmas Day three years ago.”

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Cooper McKenzie

Noelle Wynter is a holiday-loving woman wishing on the winter solstice for her forever man to appear under her tree on Christmas day. Emergency Medical Specialist Nick Klassen hates the holidays and wishes he could hibernate until the middle of January. When their paths cross at the grocery store, both feel attraction, but fight it. Later fate steps in as he bumps her with his truck in the parking lot, causing some minor injuries that demand Nick’s special attention. Throw in wine, a dancing Rudolph, and Noelle’s next door neighbor named Angel and Nick doesn’t stand a chance.

Noelle Wynters looked up at the cold winter sky to the full moon and let loose a long, deep sigh. Wishing on the full moon had always been fun, but tonight, she felt more alone than ever before. Whether it was just the holidays or the fact that she was alone, again, didn’t matter, it sucked either way.
Dan, her latest boyfriend, had broken up with her over Thanksgiving dinner in front of her entire family. Though she’d known almost from the beginning they were wrong for one another, she almost wished he would come back and tell her he made a mistake. Despite the embarrassment of their break up, she was almost lonely enough to take him back. At least, until after the holidays were over.
When her watch alarm beeped, Noelle closed her eyes. It was time. Between the winter solstice and the full moon, surely, the universe would grant tonight’s wish.
Opening her eyes again, she looked at the brightly glowing moon. “I wish to meet my forever man. I will wake up Christmas morning with him under my tree wearing nothing but a smile and a big red bow.”
With that, she raised her half full wine glass in salute to the moon, the winter, and the universe. 


Sam Crescent

Ryan's Christmas Miracle

Christmas time if filled with possibilities, with love and laughter. For Ryan all he ever wanted was the love of Jemma Stein. The problem, Jemma was the wife of his best friend who was more like a brother to him, Simon.
Jemma is now a widower, with three children and the help of Ryan to keep her going. In the privacy of her own mind she allows herself to fantasise about a life with Ryan. But it could never be. How could she move on and love her dead husband’s best friend?
The discovery of Simon’s diary is about to change everything for Ryan.
He knew in his heart of hearts Simon would want her to be with him. If anyone loved her
as much as Simon had it would be Ryan.
“Don’t do this.” Her hands went to his cupping her face while tears fell from her eyes.
“I love you and I don’t want us to go back to what we were before Simon died. I want
you Jemma, always have and always will,” he promised. There would be no other woman 
but the one who sat before him.
“Simon was your best friend, my husband...” she began to argue.
“We both loved you and Simon would want you to be happy. To be loved,” he spoke the
truth. He knew Simon would want her to live, to stop mourning him.
“Can we just go shopping please?”
Ryan saw her tense up and withdraw from him. He sighed.
Whenever Simon was mentioned, she pulled away from him. He understood her pain but
she didn’t need to feel guilty over moving on.
He removed his hands and nodded, there was no point continuing this conversation.
“Yes, let’s go Christmas shopping.”

Coming December 3rd... 

Healing Love at Christmas Time 


Christmas is supposed to be a time of learning, of love. It is a time of moving forward. Natasha and Jake had a terrible year. Accusations of cheating splintered their once blissful marriage.

Away for the holidays, alone to work through their troubles, the couple wondered if the season could  be a time to mend a broken heart and bring them together. Would Natasha discover Jake was really cheating?  Would she discover an equally painful secret? Jake and Natasha were about to test the healing love of Christmastime. 


Jake could feel her eyes on him. His body was on fire with the need to have her consume him. For six months she'd denied him her body. This came after five years of passionate, uninhibited love making four or five times a week. Some years it was daily. He gathered logs trying to figure out what the hell to do.
Adultery. Affair. Cheating. He detested these words. His marriage meant a lot to him. Jake tried to think back to six months ago when Natasha accused him of cheating on her.
He couldn’t for the life of him think why? He'd never cheat on his wife. And yet she said she saw him.
Since then, Jake had been living in a nightmare which was getting worse by the day.



Kris Kringle the 17th, making his first run as Santa, discovers not everyone leaves him milk and cookies when he stops at Holly Bush’s house.

 “Like the wrapping? You can un-wrap me now if you want,” she said in a soft, sultry voice.
Kris scrambled from under the tree, his head nodding up and down like a bobble head doll in an earthquake.
“Easy, big boy, you’ll get everything you want.” Holly reached over to take his hand and lead Kris to a folding chair she strategically placed earlier. She sashayed back across the floor to her record player and bent over to give him a good view of her derriere while she put on Santa Baby.
Music began playing as Holly went into a dance she had prepared; her body writhing and wiggling to the tempo, coming closer and closer to Kris. When she stood right in front of him, she began to perform a lap dance.
The bulge in Santa’s lap grew visibly bigger and harder as she gyrated.
Holly placed one end of the bow in Kris’ hand and stood, slowly backing up a couple steps to allow the knot to unravel and the bow to fall to the ground. Turning around, she backed toward him, jiggling her shapely buns in his face. Kris immediately sat on his hands before they could reach out to grab her plump, round cheeks.
“Come on, honey, take off that silly beard and loosen up, I can’t see your face behind all those whiskers. Tonight, I’m allowing you to touch; I want you to touch. I’m your Christmas present. You can do anything you want. Well, almost anything.”

Cynthia Arsuaga

A Gift of Love
 Christmas Eve. Jennifer Perkins needs the perfect gift for Sir and time is running out. Tough economic times have put a drain on her bank account, but she’s determined to give her lover something special. Short on cash, she sells a treasure, plus more than she bargained. Love—more precious than diamonds and gold.

Christmas Eve. Chris Bryant needs the perfect present for his live-in submissive, Angel, and he can’t wait until tomorrow. He may have lost his job of choice, but the New Year looks promising. Tonight is the night to make a change. The gift has to be extraordinary, and the only way is to give up his prized possession. Love—more precious than objects.

The two lovers are wrapped in a world beyond their control. Selflessness is the ultimate gift of love—one relinquishes a valued treasure, the other sells part of themselves for the special gift.
“Trust me to take care of you, Jen. Always.”

“I do trust you.”

After a few moments of silence, lying in his embrace, she knew she had a lot to do before leaving for the restaurant. Jennifer ran her fingers along his taut chest and pushed back. “You need to finish getting ready and I have things to do.”

“Mmm, yes we do.” He glanced at his watch. “I have a little time before leaving for work.”

A sparkle came to his cappuccino-colored eyes and she knew what he meant.

Two fingers moved and lifted her chin. He wore an expression that filled her heart. Last night they played for hours before falling asleep, sated in each other’s arms. The sleep didn’t last long, as she awakened several times, and tossed and turned, the anticipation of the morning arriving kept her mind racing.

Without warning, Chris rolled to his knees and knocked back the bedcoverings, revealing her nakedness. He straddled her thighs, then grabbed her by the waist and pulled her flat on her back. He lowered his body, covering her mouth with a fierce kiss. His tongue traced the seam between her lips, and she opened for him, tasting the minty mouthwash and savored the masculine essence of Chris as he devoured her mouth. The heat of him exploded within her and encircled her body. His hands wound into her matted, long hair as he deepened the kiss until she was breathless.

As the next wave of pleasure swept over her, she moaned with delight. After the countless sleepless nights over the last couple of months, he was the only constant in the chaos of financial worries swallowing them. She was loved and returned that love. Chris fulfilled all her sexual cravings and nothing else in the world mattered when he held her in his arms.

He broke the kiss and smiled. “Tonight, at seven, will you meet me at…Rockefeller Center?”

The pounding of her heart had the adrenaline flowing. Christmas Eve at Rockefeller Center, the site of their second date. He planned something special, maybe his plans related to the pawn ticket she found a week ago?

Jennifer blinked and tingles danced across her skin. “Yes, I’ll meet you. I’ll call in sick for my night shift.” She reached to spin the diamond line bracelet on her wrist. Soon, her favorite and most sentimental piece of jewelry will be gone, but for a good reason.

With a slow, determined movement, he slid his hands over her breasts. He lowered his head and ran his tongue over one nipple, then sucked the hard, pink tip into his mouth. She never tired of his gentle touch, but sensed him debating to use a restraint on her. Normally, she yearned for the confines and the enhanced pleasure it delivered, but this morning, she didn’t care. She dug her nails into his back, and clung to him. His hardening shaft thickened against her belly and she shivered with the anticipation of his cock inside. His other hand slid over her other breast, teasing the nipple with his thumb and finger. She arched into him.

The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock:
A Vampire's First Christmas

Richard “Dick” Grewcock is a fledgling vampire, turned by choice on Halloween Night. He is a computer geek, thirty-two years old, and learns vampires are handsome, powerful, and have women falling over themeverything he's not. Problem is, after he turns he doesn't get any of those qualities and wants his money back. All he wants for Christmas is a girlfriend.

Christmas Eve he confronts his maker and as he argues to get his money back or at least fix his problem, a pretty young woman walks in and disrupts his train of thought.

Noelle St. Nicholas is on a mission to save her home and won’t take no for an answer. The only who can save her is Dick, the nerd staring at her and looking really weird.

On his first adventure to find love, Dick Grewcock gets a Christmas wish he won’t soon forget.


Dick leaned back in the barrel-backed office chair, a bottle of blood soda dangling by the long neck between his thumb and forefinger. He wondered who had the ridiculous idea of
carbonating blood and bottling it. Probably Vlad. No one else had the audacity. He surveyed the party’s invitees, vampires, for the most part. Some newbies like him mingled with the other fledglings and the few humans. Others clearly more experienced due to their confident demeanor and bearing, stood out among the crowd. All looked young, vital, and in the Christmas Spirit. He wondered what about being a vampire they embraced, whereas, he lacked any enthusiasm for the circumstances he now found himself in. 

So far, he found the experience a complete let down. Six months ago and tired of living a lonely life, he believed the glamorous vampire existence could be his salvation. Wrong! A girlfriend by Christmas became his goal, a wish to find someone to love and return the same affection. Since tonight was Christmas Eve, the prospects of attaining that lofty objective were slim to none. Short of a bona fide miracle, or Santa Claus stepping in and making a girlfriend appear out of the blue, he might as well kiss off the idea.

Maybe by New Years’ Day? I could give myself another week. Another seven days to find someone would help, unless the meeting with his sire changed things. No, an extension wouldn’t change anything. Dick was pissed as he watched the other vamps enjoy themselves in their fancy clothes, with good looks to match.

The eerie music of the traditional Christmas carols added a macabre nuance to the festive atmosphere. This was wrong, so wrong on many levels. While no one sported their fangs around the few humans present, Dick knew by night’s end the mortal guests would fall prey and get an interesting present to wake up to. Of course, he wouldn’t be lucky to find someone to bite and eventually be a girlfriend. Three months into being a vamp and nothing in his life had changed. Why did I bother to come early? Hell, why am I even here?
Ten o’clock. The time the host agreed to meet. He lifted the bottle to his lips and tossed back the rest of the warm red elixir spiked with a hint of cinnamon. Christ Almighty! Who made the nasty stuff? The fizzy bubbles tickled all the way down his gut. Peppermint laced in the blood soda would have been more tolerable. He glanced at his watch. Five minutes until ten, plenty of time to take the elevator to the top floor for the meeting.
A moment later he slammed the empty bottle on the table, grabbed his leather jacket from the chair beside him, and stood to leave the boring, weird-ass party. Just as he reached the door, he stopped abruptly when the revelers struck up a chorus of Jingle Bells. Dick shook his head. And people think I’m a geek? Vamps singing Karaoke Christmas songs? What kind of messed up shit is that?

Darlene Fredette

"It's all about the secrets in...Keeping Secrets."

Christmas Treats #2 - Santa's Nice List is an anthology with Still Moments Publishing.  Redford Falls #1: Chocolate Kisses' is the second story of three.


When Jackson Frost returns to Redford Falls, Candi Cane knows he's not only after her chocolate kisses.


Jackson Frost was back! Candi Cane expected surprise, but not a turbulent flood of emotions. Embarrassment heated her cheeks from the memory of their last encounter. Anger boiled in the pit of her stomach when she remembered his betrayal. Satisfaction caused the corner of her lips to lift to a smug grin over her act of revenge. Candi's vengeance was the reason Jackson stood on the welcome mat in her shop.

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Raine Delight
"Scorching Hot Romance.....Between the Covers!
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Devon Falls 1: Sticky Magic
Secret Cravings Publishing
Paranormal/Contemporary Erotic Romance

A chance meeting at a sweet shop...Can it be love?
 Jenna Stevens wasn’t looking for love nor did she believe it would walk into her life one holiday season. Marc du Bree needs to find his destined mate so he can take over the family duties from his father. Meeting Jenna, Marc finds the connection he has been searching for. Can he convince this gun shy woman that his love is indeed true?


Groaning, Marc couldn’t believe the erotic picture he saw with Jenna sliding her hands up around his cock. Closing his eyes in the ecstasy of her touch and talented tongue had him almost coming right then and there if not for sheer will power on his behalf.

“Please, sweetheart, enough, or I am going to come all over myself.” Marc huskily said as he pulled her up along himself.

Jenna leaned down and kissed him sweetly as she sat up and positioned herself over his straining cock. She tenderly slid down inch by inch, and his hardness was welcomed in the velvet wetness of her pussy, gripping him in anticipation only he could deliver. Groaning, Marc restrained himself from slamming into her as his eyes started to light up again.

Soon, he was encased in Jenna’s pussy and as she began to get her rhythm, Marc teased her nipples with light tugging and teasing, forcing a husky, desire-laden groan from her. “Let it go, mia cara. Let me feel you come over my cock.” Marc said as he heard, then felt, her orgasm scream through her. Feeling her pussy walls tighten and grip his cock had Marc thrusting faster until he moaned with desire as his orgasm literally overflowed Jenna’s pussy.

Panting softly, Jenna slumped over his body, exhausted and still trembling from the effects of their joining. She turned her head and kissed Marc’s shoulder as she tumbled into sleep.

“Ahhh, cara mia, you delight me.” Marc said as he ran a hand from the nape of her neck to her hip. Making sure she was comfortable, he tumbled off to sleep as well, content in knowing she was right there beside him forever.

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