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My guest today has something a little different~an interview with the hero of her latest release! Exciting. So, sit back and enjoy. Oh, and thanks for doing this Gabrielle. The cover is great, the eyes mesmerizing.

Hi Cynthia, and thank you for having me here today.  I’m joined by Vasilije, the hero of my newest novel, Blood Avenged.

Gabrielle:  Vasilije, it’s great to see you again.

Vasilije:  Same, pet.  And hero?  I’m not sure I’m exactly that, Gabrielle.  That seems a bit misleading.

Gabrielle:  Okay, then how does main character of Blood Avenged sound?

Vasilije:  A bit bland but more truthful.  How have you been since I last saw you on Halloween?

Gabrielle:  That’s right!  We saw each other in New Orleans for Halloween.  That was a great time.  New Orleans is the perfect city for that day. 

Vasilije:  And vampires.

Gabrielle:  I’ve been wonderful. And you?  How have you been since our time on Bourbon Street?

Vasilije:  (winks) You know how it is.  A bite here.  A bite there.  I wish you would have stayed just a little longer that night, Gabrielle.  We could have had a very good time. 

Gabrielle:  (blushes)  That’s exactly why I left. Are you still spending your time in New Orleans?

Vasilije:  No, I had to leave the Big Easy.  I’m now back in my ancestral home of Romania. 

Gabrielle:  Why did you have to leave New Orleans?  Does this have to do with that voodoo priestess you were telling me about a while back?

Vasilije: (laughs)  No, but that was fun.  No, I had to leave New Orleans because of what’s going on in the vampire world. 

Gabrielle:  Anything you can or want to talk about?

Vasilije:  (grimaces) The law and order class of our world—the Archons—have moved to take over and purge the ancients from our world. 

Gabrielle:  Does that include you?  You’ve been a vampire for quite a long time.

Vasilije:  No. While in some ways I’d be considered an ancient vampire since I’ve been around since the late 1500s, the Archons want to eliminate the men and women of the Order of Macaria. These are the elders of the vampire world, and they must be protected or the Archons will be able to seize control of everything. 

Gabrielle:  So what does that have to do with you?

Vasilije: I’m one of the Sons of Navarus, the protectors of the Order.  It’s our duty to make sure those bastards Archons don’t get any more power than they already have.

Gabrielle:  This sounds serious.

Vasilije:  It is. But it’s better if you don’t know any more.  Trust me.

Gabrielle:  Okay, but can I ask: Who were Macaria and Navarus?

Vasilije:  Macaria was the daughter of Hades, the Greek god of the Underworld.  She was the goddess of the blessed death.  Navarus was the human she fell in love with.  When he agreed to be her consort, he became the first vampire, allowed to only truly live at night, out of the light of the day.  Her effect on him made him crave blood, and he in turn made her a vampire.  Together, they had many children and created even more vampires.  They’re the beginning of our race. 

Gabrielle:  That’s interesting.  I never knew Hades had a daughter.  And I’ve never heard of any Navarus.

Vasilije:  Well, you wouldn’t, would you?  I don’t imagine the Greeks spoke much about either of them.  They didn’t speak much of Hades either, come to think of it. They preferred gods like Zeus and Apollo.

Gabrielle:  I had no idea you were so familiar with Greek mythology, Vasilije.

Vasilije: (smiles)  I’m familiar with many things, love. 

Gabrielle:  (shifts uncomfortably in her seat)  I always have to be careful not to give you those lead ins, don’t I?

Vasilije:  But you always do, love.  I think secretly you enjoy toying with the idea of me doing what I want at some point with you.

Gabrielle:  I’m having too much fun being a human, Vasilije.  I’m not up for becoming one of your vampires quite yet.

Vasilije:  (winks)  In time, love. In time.

Gabrielle:  Okay, as I always do with you, here are some reader questions for you to answer.  Ready?

Vasilije:  Fire away, pet.

Gabrielle:  What do you do in your spare time?

Vasilije:  If you’re doing it right, you don’t have spare time.

Gabrielle:  (groans) Next, what’s your favorite food?

Vasilije:  Steak. Medium-well.

Gabrielle:  Not rare?

Vasilije:  Just because I’m a vampire doesn’t mean I like just any kind of blood.  I prefer to stick to humans and my own vampires, thanks.  Cow’s blood doesn’t do it for me.

Gabrielle:  Do you like the way Hollywood portrays vampires?

Vasilije:  Sometimes.  Other times, no.  It depends on if they make us all sterilized and good or if they make us more realistic.  I enjoyed watching True Blood when I was in the States, though.  Some of that is quite realistic. 

Gabrielle:  Okay, one last question:  What are your vitals?

Vasilije:  (grins) I like the way your readers think, Gabrielle.  My vitals?  Okay.  I’m 6’2”, black hair, blue eyes, Romanian by birth but more than anything else, I’m vampire.

Gabrielle:  Thank you again for talking with me today, Vasilije.

Vasilije:  As always, love, it’s been a pleasure.  And don’t hesitate to call again. 

Look for Blood Avenged out now.  Here’s a taste of the story to whet your appetite:

Vasilije looked around the room he’d just appeared in, his body alert to any danger. He’d followed the sense he’d gotten before Teagan’s spirit had been extinguished and knew he was in his home in New Orleans. Everything about the place was Teagan—from the Turkish cigarettes he smoked, to the bottle of Guinness that sat on the coffee table, to the musky scent that identified him as one of Vasilije’s vampires.
And the beautiful woman staring at him.
“Who did this?”
Big brown eyes stared back at him. “I don’t know. It happened so fast. I left to grab another six pack and when I got back, someone had a stake...”
 Vasilije stood watching the stranger as she cried, needing more information but forced to wait until there was a break in her tears.
“Who are you?”
The woman dried her eyes and sniffled. “Sasa. I was his girlfriend.”
At the use of the past tense, she began tearing up again, but Vasilije didn’t have time for it. Whoever had staked Teagan couldn’t have gone too far and any more time wasted with Sasa’s crying may mean he’d lose the fucker.
He moved to leave and her hand caught his arm.
“Please don’t go.”
She looked up at him with such a sad expression for a moment he didn’t want to go. But he couldn’t let Teagan’s murderer escape. Vasilije touched his hand to hers to remove it from his arm, but all this did was make her squeeze tighter.
“Please,” she begged in a voice that matched the pathetic look in her eyes. “Don’t leave me alone now.”
The urge to tear his arm from her hold and leave her to her misery spiked in him, but it was overruled by that small part of him that understood her sadness.
“Fine. Follow me. And keep up. And if I tell you to do something, do it. Do you understand?”
For a second, she looked surprised and Vasilije thought he was going to hear a string of irritating questions. None came, though, and when he turned to head out the door, she followed silently.
At the street, he stopped and inhaled deeply, hoping to sense something that would help him find Teagan’s killer. Nothing came. But there’d been something in the apartment...something that he was sure he recognized.
Eyes closed, he let his other senses take over, but he got nothing. “What did he look like?”
“I don’t know. It was so quick. Blond, I think.”
Vasilije snapped his head to the left to look at her. “Man or woman?”
Instantly, Tatiana’s threat repeated in his head. Now I take something you cherish. Had she staked one of his vampires in retaliation over Alex? Vasilije doubted even Tatiana would stake a vampire herself, but she wasn’t above having someone else do it.
That didn’t mean Tatiana wasn’t behind Teagan’s murder. And who was this woman who claimed to be Teagan’s girlfriend?
“Did you see which direction he ran?”
Sasa shook her head sadly. “No, I’m sorry. Are you his sire?”
“How do you know about that?” he asked, more suspicious than he’d been just a minute earlier.
“Teagan was a vampire, and you just look like a sire would. That’s what you call them, right?”
As she spoke, Vasilije studied her under the streetlight’s glow, still unsure she was who she claimed to be. Not bad looking, she seemed like someone Teagan could like. He’d always preferred brunettes with big eyes and bigger tits, and although she didn’t measure up to porn star level, she still had a nice body. He could see her as Teagan’s girlfriend.
“Yeah, I’m his sire and right now I need to find the fuck who killed one of my vampires,” he said looking down the street.
“What’s your name?”
Turning to look at her, he raised one eyebrow. “You’re a curious one, aren’t you, pet?”
“Well, I think I should know your name if we’re going to work together to find Teagan’s killer.”
Vasilije continued to work on getting any sense of who he was looking for, but nothing came to him. Frustrated, he’d need time to think and find his way around this new place before he could search for the killer, and the last thing he needed was a weepy woman tagging along.
“Uh, no. We’re not going to be working together to find anything. Just point me to the nearest place I can get something to eat and I’ll be on my way.”
In a second, her hands were back on his arm and squeezing. “Please let me help. I want to see the person who did this brought to justice.”
Justice? Vasilije smiled at the idea of justice, sure she would be appalled by what he intended to do to Teagan’s killer. Humans were always more squeamish than he thought they should be, considering their own history.
“How long were you and Teagan together?”
Vasilije noticed her defensiveness immediately. Her body language screamed she was hiding something.
“You just seem very attached. That’s all.”
Sasa shifted her weight between her feet. “I was. I mean, we were. Attached. And even though we had problems, we were trying to work things out.”
A sheepish look came over her face. “I forgave him and we’d have worked things out...”
Sasa’s lip quivered for just a second, and Vasilije was afraid she’d begin crying again. Teagan hadn’t changed in his new home, it seemed. A notorious ladies’ man, his wandering eye had been the reason he’d moved three thousand miles away from the only place he’d ever called home. Obviously, that relationship hadn’t survived since Sasa stood next to him all dewy eyed over his death.
“I see.”
“It’s not like that. It doesn’t matter what you think anyway. I just owe it to him to find out who did this.”
Vasilije smiled at Sasa’s words. She was probably completely unaware that the one she’d caught her boyfriend with was likely one of many. Such blind devotion.
“Love, I don’t think you understand what’s going to happen when I find the guy who did this. My idea of justice and yours aren’t the same, I guarantee you.”
Sasa’s eyes grew wide. “Why? Is there some kind of ritual you plan to perform when you punish him?”
Vasilije’s fangs snapped into position and he grinned to show her the weapons he’d use to punish the motherfucker who killed one of his own.
“No ritual. Just these and all the blood I can handle.”
The shock at his words was written all over her face. “You plan to drain them?”
“My kind of justice, love. So if you plan to stick around, you know what to expect.”

Thank you again, Cynthia, for having us here. It’s been great! To find out more about Blood Avenged, buy links for the book, and the upcoming novels in the Sons of Navarus series, visit my blog at

Oh thank you Gabrielle. I loved the interview and the excerpt was yummy. Me likey vampires. Hubby and I love New Orleans, but since hubby is born and raised in New Orleans it's no wonder. LOL. We were there for Halloween participating in the Anne Rice Fan Vampire Lestat festivities. Can't wait to return. So, thanks again for "pulling" me back for a brief moment.

Here are a list of places to find Gabrielle and I hope readers check her out.



  1. Thank you so much for having us here today, Cynthia! And I'm glad Vasilije behaved himself. ;) He's sometimes quite a handful.

  2. Hehehe, I see that. Hope you enjoy your day here in my keep.

  3. Great, FUN Interview! I love the way you interact with your hero, Gabrielle.

    Love that Cover too---Vasilije is one sexy vampire!

    Kari Thomas


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