Friday, November 18, 2011

Weekend Dirty Dozen

Okay, this is probably the last entry from The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock because he will be released for public consumption on December 1st with No Boundaries Publishing. Yay!!! So without further ado, here's Dick Grewcock romancing his soon-to-be girlfriend, Noelle!

Dick could feel the girl’s bewitching azure eyes as if they brushed literally along his slight frame. Well, tall when compared to hers. To say the girl captivated him was an understatement. He knew she had to be young, no more than twenty-three, twenty-four years old max, though guessing wasn’t his best skill. With skintight jeans riding low on slender, honey colored hips, a clingy T-shirt with no sign of a bra underneath leaving nothing to the imagination, and her several inch-high black pumps; she cut the image of a mischievous sex kitten. The black motorcycle jacket added a touch of tough girl.
This lovely young nymph would never look twice at a man like him, even if he poured on the vampire charm. The primer instructed how to glamour a human, but the rest he had to figure out on his own. He wasn’t sure he knew how to seduce a woman, and especially this pretty young thing with the beautiful face showcased by Caribbean blue eyes surrounded by thick lashes, high cheekbones, and kissable pouty lips.
“I’m looking to expand my skills.” He opened the office door and ran his hand along the wall, searching for the light switch. “Do you want to be Robin to my Batman?”

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  1. Okay, Dick will need more practice on his game, but I want to say great WDD and congratulations on your release w/ No Boundaries Press. It's a great publisher!

  2. Love the Caribbean blue eyes; nice description along with the motorcycle jacket. Well done.

  3. Congrats on the release! Love his name, LOL

  4. LOL Love the name also. Congrats on the new book!


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