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Kari Thomas is my very first guest blogger and I'll have her here all weekend long! Stop by and give her some love, read her answers to my questions and maybe leave her a comment, better yet check out her books and pick up one or two or three!

Without further ado, Ms. Kari Thomas ~

CYN:  Let's get started Kari. Can you tell the readers what is your favorite part of being a romance writer?

KARI:  What can be more fun that living out your fantasies without harming anyone? Writing AND Reading Romance is an escape for a lot of us. I love getting lost in a good story I know HAS to have a HEA.

CYN:  Isn't that so true. I immerse totally into my stories too. What’s your typical writing day like?

KARI:  I get up at 7 am to write, while drinking lots of coffee (can we say TOO MUCH caffeine? LOL!) and listening to the radio. I write for several hours, then go into my emails. I'm on a lot of Yahoo groups and wade through them daily to keep in touch with everyone. I have Chronic Fatigue so I tire easily. By late afternoon my muse and yours truly is ready for a nap!

CYN:  Whew! I'm exhausted reading about your schedule. I had CFS years ago, but fought back, so I know how you feel. Take care of yourself Kari. So let's hear a little about your newest release.

KARI: The most current is SLOAN'S WITCH. It's a Short Paranormal Romance I self-published. It's a Sequel to my "Spell-Kissed" but can be read alone as it's also a new story. It's available online:

Barnes and Noble NOOK:

Amazon Link:

Smashwords Link:


My next Release is set for December 7, with Eternal Press. SURRENDER HER TOUCH is also a Paranormal Romance (of course!) and the hero is a Dragon Shapeshifter. I don't have a Buy Link yet ---until December, but I will have info on my site soon.

CYN:  Oh, a dragon shifter. Me likey! Can't wait to hear about that one. Do you have anything in the works?

KARI:  I'm already into 12 Chapters of my next Paranormal Romance. It's going to be VERY different from my others....... (LOL---I love to tease!)

CYN: Darn, you're not going to tell us just a smidgeon about it? Rats! If not, can you let everyone now where we can find you?

KARI:  My web site is ; I also do a monthly Blog Post on the 15th at Source Immortal 

CYN:  Great! I hope everyone has an opportunity to stop by and check your website and blog out. Now for the dreaded personal questions. Hope you're ready. Here goes:

What would you consider a romantic date?

KARI: Truthfully? A walk on the beach. During the evening hours. 

CYN: Love the beach too! Lived in Virginia Beach and two blocks from the beach for many, many years. Kind of miss it. I digressed there, back to you. What is the best pick-up line someone has ever tried on you? Did it work?

KARI: "You look like that actress in (I forgot what movie)." Nope it didn't work. I just told him he was mistaken and that it must have been my famous actress sister he was thinking of. LOL! The look on his face!

CYN: OMG, how funny! Next question: What is your favorite season?

KARI:  Spring. I love all the freshness, the beautiful blooms. The coolness without too much heat or too much cold.

CYN:  I'll agree with that choice! If you could have any car, which would it be?

KARI:  Antique Thunderbird. In baby blue.

CYN: A convertible to drive with the top down in Spring? LOL. 
Okay, who is your favorite actor?

KARI: Bette Davis. 

CYN:  Great actress! Those of her caliber aren't created anymore, I think.
So now a little more personal, Silk, satin, cotton, flannel. What is your sheet of choice and why?

KARI:  I have several sets of satin sheets. Love the sensuous glide on them......!

CYN: Oooo! Sexy. Several, huh? This question follows on, when playing truth or dare, would you pick truth or dare?  If truth, tell us something not very many people know.

KARI: Truth. I'm not very brave......

When I tell people I'm basically a very shy person they laugh at me. Everyone says I'm very outgoing and cheerful. Must have something to do with being related to that famous actress....just kidding! (Honest, there's no such relative!) Anyhoo, it really is true that it takes great effort for me NOT to be shy in public. Sometimes to a very painful level. Sad but true.
CYN:  Well, I understand you exactly. I'm painfully shy at times, and it DOES take great effort to overcome when in public. 

I want to thank Kari for stopping by this weekend and hope to see you back here again. Below is a short biography and blurbs, covers and buy links on Kari's works. Thanks again!

Kari is a multi-published author who writes mainly in the Paranormal Romance genre. To date, she has nine books and several Shorts published. She is also a Freelance Editor, and does Reviews for several major publishing Houses (Kensington, Avon, Grand Central, Sourcebooks, etc). Her books have won multiple Awards, and in 2009 she won the 2009 BEST PARANORMAL ROMANCE AUTHOR Award!

BLURB: Kassidy is a Witch visiting from a parallel world. When an Evil Entity follows her and threatens the lives of her friends she has to use her powerful magic to defeat it. No problem. Now, if she could only figure out how to win sexy cop Sloan's heart WITHOUT using magic.
Buy Links:
Barnes and Noble NOOK:

Amazon Link:

Smashwords Link:


Blurb: As a rare Healer, Summer knows it's her duty to save the dragon clan. But, with that dangerous responsibility comes a deadly price. Dragon shifter, Slade, wants her to risk everything. Including her heart. When she discovers that Slade's clan is responsible for the slaughter of her family, will she run?
See more info, when updated, at

The Prequel to SLOAN'S WITCH. Briana is a witch with a major glitch. When she loses the most valuable treasure in her possession she has to figure out a SAFE way to get it back. No one ever told her it would involve sexy Cop, Hunter, AND a chaotic, dangerous visit to a parallel world.

Hunted Mate:
Under A Shifter's Moon:


  1. THANKS so much, Cynthia, for this opportunity! I love the look of your Blog and I'll be visiting often!

    hugs, Kari

  2. Hi gals! Great post!


    Another Witch story-- cool. Sounds good.

    I love your paranormal tales. I can't wait for the dragon shifter story.

    I wish you the best. Stay well, drink lots of coffee and keep writing. :)

  3. So you love spring, it's getting ready to snow in your old hometown, so you'd be cozying in for the winter here.
    Keep writing. Sloan's Witch is a treat!

  4. LOVE all your books! So, I have to ask. What is your favorite snack to indulge in when you've written a particularly good scene?

    I dare anyone not to fall in love with your heroes. :)

  5. Thanks for visiting Karen, Amber, and Mary!

    Karen---Im soooo hoping readers will like the dragon shifter story too. Its my first with a dragon. Holding my breath! LOL!

    Amber---dont even remind me that Prescott is about to get snow! Sooooo glad Im not facing that anymore!

    Mary---Favorite snack? OF COURSE: CHOCOLATE!! LOL! Youre the sweetest!

    hugs, Kari

  6. Hi Kari.
    Great blog.
    I just read Purr-fect Timing and enjoyed it immensely

  7. THANK YOU, Jenny! You really made my day! Im so glad you liked Purr-Fect Timing! I enjoyed writing it.

    hugs, Kari


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