Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ten Reasons to read The Born Vampire Series or The Forces of Beauty Series:
      1.       My vampires come in all shades, at least 50.
     2.       My vampires don’t sparkle.
     3.       My vampires have sex with their human lovers. Lots of sex. The hot and steamy kind. Sometimes a little kinky.
     4.       My really bad vampire villains go after the hero and heroine in interesting ways, and they are bent on destroying the world if they can get away with it.
     5.       My vampires fall in love with real women who are beautiful and sexy women only for them. Cougars, curvy, and intelligent women who set  their vampire lovers’ hearts and parts afire.
     6.       My vampire stories are well-written, full of action and excitement, and in worlds that feel real and easy to believe.
7.       My vampires come from all walks of lifeknights, cowboys, Native American, private investigators, entrepreneurs, businessmenall with extraordinary powers.
     8.       My vampires are dark and edgy, but have a loving side only their women can tame.
9.       My vampires aren’t for the faint of heart and can be a bit violent and pretty bloody at times. Sorry no pun intended, but hey they are vampires after all.
10.    My vampire stories aren't "Mommy porn" or any kind of porn. Erotic yes, porn no. They have a story, character development, a plot and most importantly,  romantic love with a happy ending.
Check out The Born Vampire Series at Secret Cravings Publishing or any of your favorite retailers, Amazon, Bookstrand, Barnes and Noble, All Romance Ebooks.
WARNING: The stories are erotic romance, bordering on erotica, and should be read by those who swear they are over eighteen and can take the heart-pounding suspense and thrills. Must be read with a glass of glass of wine (or ice water) and your significant other by your side.

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