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The Villain's Side of the Story!

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Welcome to the Villain-Tines Blog Hop. May 18-20 Secret Cravings Publishing, is having a weekend blog-a-thon of fun and contests, where some of the  author's evildoers get their chance to tell their side of the story. My most infamous evildoer is Dragos Munteanu, a heartless vampire who has been in two of the Born Vampire series, and in the third is mentioned even though he doesn't "exist" any longer. Hmm, I wonder? He's asked that his side of the tale be told. So, I've decided to give him a chance to explain why he does the things he does in a one-on-one interview over on Tabitha Shay's for the weekend. Here's the link:  

Expect some delicious prizes.  I'll be posting announcements and sending out emails closer to the date. Plan to be here. A party just isn't a party without you!

My guest author is Shannon West! Below is the interview with her villain from Fire and Ice! Enjoy!!!

Cynthia Arsuaga

Fire and Ice

 1.       Are you upset your name is not in the title? As a matter of fact, I am.  Fire and Ice?  Stupid name.  Should be The Revenge of the Dokalfar, because I am definitely the most important character.  Has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?

2.      Why do you hate Brandr?  He’s so blond.  I like brunettes, of course, with nice, pale skin.  I could have gone for him, but he was all wrapped up with those silly human creatures. 

3.      Do you have a love interest?  Of course not! Again, stupid Brandr went for the human boys instead of beautiful me.  As a shapeshifter, I could have been a boy for him, if that’s what he likes.

4.      Are you planning on a sequel?  Well, duh.  Shannon killed me off.  I would have been great in a sequel too.  What a bitch!

5.      Did you get any sex in the book?  I was actually just about to get it on with Harald, a really cute human male.  Very hot too.  Then Brandr had to break it up to save his puny life.  I had to use all my pent up sexual energy in the fight later on.

6.      Did you kiss the hero?  One of them—Harald, the hunk.  Tasted good too—for a human.  It really would have been a shame to kill him.

7.      Did you fight much with your author?  We fought constantly!  I usually won too, but she killed me off in the end, so she got the final revenge. 

BLURB for Fire and Ice:
  Jory, a handsome young Danish slave, given as a blood sacrifice to a monster who has been ravaging the kingdom, finds himself alone and terrified waiting for certain death to find him. Instead, he is taken up by the “beast” and carried to a secluded cave where he discovers his resucer is not a monster, but a beautiful Light Elf, named Brandr, who gives Jory a night of incredible passion locked in his arms. Together they set out on a dangerous quest to save Brandr’s life, meeting along the way a handsome Saxon warrior who develops an unquenchable passion for them both.  They form a triad to save Brandr, and join in their quest for revenge.  Soon the three men find that vengeance is a doubled edged sword that will threaten all their lives.

Excerpt for Fire and Ice--Rated R

     When they reached the privacy of the trees, Harald turned to Brandr and held out a hand.  “I want to apologize to you.  I’m sorry for the feelings I have for Jory. I can’t help them, but I won’t ever act on them. I want you to know that.”
        Brandr looked down at his hand, but didn’t reach out to take it.  Instead he looked Harald directly in the eyes, cocking his head to one side.  “Yet you still have strong feelings for him?”
      Harald flushed and dropped his hand.  “I said I wouldn’t do anything about them.  I’m trying to tell you I’m sorry.”
         Brandr said nothing, but began to advance on Harald, walking slowly toward him.  Harald backed away. Brandr made him nervous and uneasy and had since the first moment he'd seen him.  He was almost frightened by him.  Brandr kept coming until a tree halted Harald's retreat, and he put a hand on his knife at his belt, ready to use it if Brandr made it necessary.  What was wrong with the man?  Couldn't he see he was trying to make peace? 
          He looked up into Brandr's face defiantly and froze in shock as Brandr's mouth came down on his roughly, fiercely.  Brandr pulled Harald up against him and ground their cocks together.  Harald tried to push him away, but Brandr's chest was like stone.  He wrapped his arms around Harald, trapping him, holding him in a rock hard embrace, unable to move.  The assault on his mouth continued.  Brandr bent his head back and thrust his tongue between Harald's lips, teasing and playing with Harald's tongue, making him gasp for breath and go weak in his knees.
            Harald stopped struggling and went limp.  Brandr's hands pulled down his trousers, and though Harald wanted to protest, he found he couldn't move, couldn't even cry out.  He kissed Brandr back, breathing hard, hating and yet loving the hard feel of muscles and being overpowered and swept away.  He felt helpless, yet at the same time he wasn't afraid.  Brandr's hands caressed his cock, already risen up to stand rock hard.  He couldn't catch his breath as Brandr turned him around and bent him over.
       Harald stopped struggling and went limp. Brandr’s hands pulled down his trousers, and though Harald wanted to protest, he found he couldn’t move, couldn’t even cry out.  He kissed Brandr back, breathing hard, hating and yet loving the hard feel of muscles and being overpowered and swept away. He felt helpless, yet at the same time he wasn’t afraid. Brandr’s hands caressed his cock, already risen up to stand rock hard.  He couldn’t catch his breath as Brandr turned him around and bent him over. 

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  1. enjoyed reading this villians expert and enjoyed his interview micheleann oboyle

  2. Gotta love a villain who thinks he's been wronged! And WTG Shannon, for your 'ultimate' revenge, hee hee....

  3. Some villains are misunderstood and some deserve to be killed. This individual falls into the second category

  4. I love seeing the other side of the story! Thanks for the interview!


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