Friday, January 20, 2012


So I thought I'd continue the Dirty Dozen with the short story, Nightfall: Fantasies Fulfilled. Last time I did an excerpt from Katie's Fantasy and this weekend I'll do Cassidy's.

Come on an erotic ride in a 1976 Bubble Gum Pink Cadillac Fleetwood limousine to a mysterious nightclub where the VIP package fulfills the fantasies of four women. Mistress Claudine, the owner and hostess at Nightfall, invites each woman in for her choice of pleasure. Beware, no fantasy is beyond reach once night falls.

Accompany Cassidy Morgan as she discovers how one night with a dark and deliciously dangerous man satisfies the craving to be claimed—to experience and learn the meaning of belonging to a vampire.
With the scene over, Cassidy feels disappointment that the time ended. As the night falls into morning, a new man walks into her life. In the end, will she get more than she paid for?
The muscular arms straining through the silky fabric folded across his chest, and he stared at her until she found herself getting lightheaded again. “Who are you little one? Breaking into my bedchamber is an offense. Were you here to kill me while I slept?”

What a strange question to ask. Caught off-guard, she didn’t know exactly how to answer. “No, but, you’re perfect,” she breathed softly, her clit throbbing in appreciation of his exquisite beauty.

“Then who are you?” The stunning vampire approached with slow, deliberate steps, searing her with steel-gray eyes that glistened with desire. As he stood at the edge of the bed, the only barrier between them the thin fabric of the silk-like chemise she wore.

“Ca…Cassidy. Cassidy Morgan. What’s your name?”

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