Thursday, January 26, 2012


Mike and I received another contract for our second book co-authored!!! Secret Cravings Publishing accepted Love and Death in the Big Easy, the second (sequel) following My Life as a Dog. Tentative release date is May 2012. Can't wait to see the cover art in the next couple months. Here's the blurb:

A Dog

Drake Martin, the Yorkie shifter, and Sufi of the North American Shape-shifters, returns and this time he has a new shifter to play tag with.

A Cat

Kady Martin, Drake’s wife, has a new alter-ego as Tabitha, the Russian Blue Maltese.

A New Game of Tag

Twenty-six years later, the dog and cat play more than tag when, with their son and mixed array of shape-shifting friends, battle a new monster in town.

Death follows the happily married couple as carnage and mayhem run rampant in the streets of the Big Easy. With help from family, the shifter clan, and white magic the loving pair maneuvers through rebellious children, while battling the terminal illness of a dear friend, and the menace bent on bringing the city to her knees.

Oh boy!

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