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Secret Cravings Anniversary Blog Event January 15 - 30

Welcome to the Secret Cravings Anniversary Blog Event

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Each author participating has received a letter to display on their respective site for this event. I've placed it somewhere on one of my many pages. Find it and make note and when you have collected all of them from the participants, send them to Dawn Prochilo, to be eligible for the grand prizes. To see the list of authors and grand prizes, return to the site by clicking banner above.

Oh what the heck, I'll let you know the grand prizes now, but you'll have to go to the list of participants in order to find the other letters. 

Grand Prize- iPad2
First Place- Kindle HDX
Second Place- $50 SCP gift certificate
Third Place- $25 SCP gift certificate
I will announce my winner by February 4, 2014.

So, on to what I'm offering. I've been with Secret Cravings Publishing virtually from the beginning. My Born to Be Wild was the third release on January 11, 2011. Since then I have put out nine full-length novels, three novellas, a short story/novelette, and a free read as a start to another book I've been working on. Here's a list:


The Misadventures of Dick Grewcock
Price: $5.99
   Dick Grewcock is a computer geek wanting more out of life. Yearning for a girlfriend, he takes steps to make his dream come true. Vampires are handsome, powerful, and have women falling over them—everything he’s not. Becoming one wasn’t an easy task and he had to find an real vampire willing to turn him.

   Christmas Eve, he begins an impossible mission for his boss. Before he starts, a cute spitfire woman just as geeky as him walks into Vampires ‘R Us and life changes. He could have everything he wanted—a pretty girlfriend and a great job—if he could just convince her.

   Noelle St. Nicholas is on a mission to save her home and won’t take no for an answer. The only one who can help her is Dick, the nerd staring at her and looking really weird.
   Follow the adventures of Dick Grewcock to find true love without losing his humanity.

A Gift of Love
Price: $2.99
   Christmas Eve. Jennifer Perkins needs the perfect gift for Sir and time is running out. Tough economic times have put a drain on her bank account, but she’s determined to give her lover something special. Short on cash, she sells a treasure, plus more than she bargained.   Love—more precious than diamonds and gold. Christmas Eve.
    Chris Bryant needs the perfect present for his live-in submissive, Angel, and he can’t wait until tomorrow. He may have lost his job of choice, but the New Year looks promising. Tonight is the night to make a change. The gift has to be extraordinary, and the only way is to give up his prized possession.
    Love—more precious than objects. The two lovers are wrapped in a world beyond their control. Selflessness is the ultimate gift of love—one relinquishes a valued treasure, the other sells part of themselves for the special gift.


A Vampire in Paris
Price: $5.99

   For over two hundred years, London-based security and private investigator, Ramsey Weiss has existed as the quintessential confirmed bachelor. New Years’ Day he is dispatched to Paris, France, to rescue an abducted cosmetics company heiress. In the melee, he butts heads with an unexpected woman.
   Camille du Bassin is the head chemist at Institut de Beauté Biologique and her niece has been kidnapped. She teams up with a private security investigator with special skills hired by her brother. The two unlikely pair work together playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse not only with each other, but battle an evil ancient vampire determined to take Camille as his consort. Somewhere along the journey, Camille and Ramsey are surprised by the physical attraction that develops between them, denying the attraction.
    Just when the two lovers' think their love can be forever...Fate steps in to challenge the power of their love.

Born Again In Dreams
Price: $5.99
The Master of His Domain

   Sorin Bochinsky, Master and Commander of the Eastern European Blood Family, controls everyone and everything around him, except the woman of his dreams with the face of an angel prevents his needed rest. She’s the light to his dark, scarred and pained existence. The search begins to find her before he goes insane.
An Angel Awakens
   Merliah Travers suffered more than serious injuries from a car accident over four years ago. She awakens in a place where the pain and scars have hidden her away from the world. A fantasy lover leads her out of the darkness and into the light, then discovers a special ability acquired during the coma has put her in danger with a fanatic killer.

   Two lost, scarred souls battle a psychopath and their inner demons to unite as one, to never be alone, and be born again in dreams, forever.

Born To Be Wild
Price: $4.99
   Alexandra Carlton, Alex to her friends, the only girl born into a family of vampire hunters with strict rules. She lives and hunts by the Code. Despite insecurities and self-esteem issues about her appearance, she eagerly tracks a rogue vamp carrying a contagious virus, deadly to vampires and humans alike, to prove her worth, to her family and herself.
    Alex meets Stefan Marin, a brooding 500 year old vampire. He helps her not only on her quest but tames her wildest passions and discovers the true beauty within her, the beauty he can't help but fall in love with.
    Together, Alex and Stefan break all the rules uncovering more than a virus—hot sex, an uptight FBI Special Agent, spanking, hot sex, a nosy, meddling brother, more hot sex, bondage and submission, murder, and bad vampires.Will their love survive the wild side they were born to live?


Born To Play
Price: $5.50

   Candi Hartz, is a romance author in a loveless marriage. One fateful night, she follows the cheating husband to the local vampire sex club and meets the vamp owner. Her life takes a drastic turn when with one kiss she enters the world she only read about.
    Gregori Van Zant is a dangerous vampire. As the head of the Mid-Atlantic Blood Family of vampires, he can have any vamp or human woman at his disposal. One night, a captivating woman walks into his club and he devises a plan.
    The two lovers come together and sign a contract—an exchange of sex for research. Candi is born to play and Gregori is anxious to show her. An old enemy of Gregori’s arrives unexpectedly and disrupts their plans. With a final battle looming on the horizon, will the two fated lovers find love eternal or will death play a part?


Christmas with a Stranger - FREE READ

   A mysterious stranger named Beckett Conrad walks into Elizabella Powell’s life bringing news of a great-grandfather, a Cherokee Chief. After the death of her mother, the joy of Christmas had no significance. The hope of a family has her agreeing to travel to Tennessee on Christmas Eve. Elizabella is independent and controls everything around her and quickly loses it when the stranger arrives. Beckett is an Alpha Wolf Shifter, a fact he keeps hidden, sent to bring the lost Elizabella wolf princess back to the clan. The attraction between them is strong. She thinks he has killer eyes. He thinks she has a killer body.


Echoes in Eternity
Price: $6.50

What if, all your life you have lived a lie? Your best friends know the truth but don’t tell you. Your grandparents are really strangers. Your new boyfriend is part of a secret society headed by his brother. To top everything off, they convince you that you are the reincarnation of an ancient goddess of a lost continent capable of saving humanity. Take a journey starting from the distant past to present day—New York and Paris, to an archaeological dig site in Egypt, and to Surrey, United Kingdom. Layla McKenna discovers a life lived before and accepts the love of two men as she fulfills her destiny echoed in eternity.


Five Hearts - 5 Stories of Love and Passion
Price: $4.99
    Seth Walker is man-candy – tall dark and handsome – a man of few words.  As the boss and owner of Beaucoup, which grows Louisiana’s famed hot and spicy peppers; Seth doesn’t advertise that he stutters when he speaks. But when he sees the delectable Riley Jacobs being harassed by a local bully, he doesn’t hesitate to voice his displeasure.
    Riley was just about to give up on love.  Even though she had slimmed down, no one in her small town could see her as any different – they still treated her as if she was shy, awkward and overweight.  Tired of being alone, she had made up her mind to quit her job as factory nurse and move away from Egret Island if this Valentine’s Day proved to be as big a disappointment as all of the others in her life had been.
But when Seth comes to her rescue, he satisfies every craving Riley has ever had.  Seth’s touch is hot – his kisses are spicy – and this Valentine’s Day might prove to be perfect, after all.

LOST IN THE SEA OF YOU – Cynthia Arsuaga

   He found the boat in late afternoon, on a February day as cold and dry as it gets in Maine. That’s how the adventure began for Mikael Larson, ex-Army, relatively new sheriff and unattached man in a small town. Starting uneventfully at home, by the time he walked into the station, the day turned weird on the way to unexplainable and a lifetime of love satisfied in death.
CUPID'S TARGET – Dana Littlejohn
    April Harding didn’t like anything about winter and that included Valentine’s Day. She counted it as a stroke of bad luck that it was her turn to accompany her boss to a party for an impromptu meeting with a potential client. The only thing that softened the blow was that he offered to buy the dress she would wear.
   Upon her arrival, Grant Murphy spied April in the doorway. He knew at that moment that she had to be his. Can Grant convince April it not only was good luck that she was there but that they even met and should be together?
Catrina fell asleep on the couch waiting for her husband to arrive home from work to celebrate a Valentine’s evening together. Awoken from her sleep, two police officers stood at her front door. They sadly informed her that her husband has been killed in a car crash. Getting lost in her pain, she shut out the world until almost five years later, when her new neighbor moved in next door, bringing feelings of longing back into her lonely, quiet existence.
    Alex’s wife had left him for another man. He was hurt but realized he’d been partially to blame for the demise of their marriage. He worked long hours and spent less time at home and more time running his growing company. Deciding to overhaul his life, he sold his business and home, and moved to a new area in the city. While in a compromising position, he meets his new neighbor, Catrina, and hasn’t stop thinking about her. She’s everything he’s ever wanted, and if he can win her love and trust, he will do everything in his power to keep it.
    Becky O'Rourke hates Valentine's Day. From the moment her boyfriend broke her heart the year before, she doesn't want anything to do with the day for lovers. Can the possibility of a new love turn her head and heal her heart?
    Seth Reardon feels like an ass. Convinced he's not good enough for Becky, he breaks her heart and tells her they can't see each other anymore. Faced with the fact that she's moved on with her life and is seeing someone new, Seth realizes he loves her more than he did before and wants her back.
With the help of Becky's best friend Emma, Seth comes up with a plan to win the woman of his dreams, but will she turn her back on their love for attraction to a new man?

Love and Death in the Big Easy (Shifter Tales 2)
Price: $5.99

   A Dog Drake Martin, the Yorkie shifter, and Sufi of the North American Shape-shifters, returns and this time he has a new shifter to play tag with. A Cat Kady Martin, Drake’s wife, has a new alter-ego as Tabitha, the Russian Blue Maltese. A New Game of Tag Twenty-six years later, the dog and cat play more than tag when, with their son and mixed array of shape-shifting friends, battle a new monster in town. Death follows the happily married couple as carnage and mayhem run rampant in the streets of the Big Easy. With help from family, the shifter clan, and white magic the loving pair maneuvers through rebellious children, while battling the terminal illness of a dear friend, and the menace bent on bringing the city to her knees.
   Oh boy!


Nightfall Fantasies Fulfilled
Price: $3.99

   Come on an erotic ride in a 1976 Bubble Gum Pink Cadillac Fleetwood limousine to a mysterious nightclub where the VIP package fulfills the fantasies of four women. Mistress Claudine, the owner and hostess at Nightfall, invites each woman in for her choice of pleasure. As the night falls into morning, a new man walks into each of their lives. In the end, will they get more than they paid for?
   Beware, no fantasy is beyond reach once night falls.
CASSIDY’S FANTASY - A vampire stakes claim to her heart.
KATIE’S FANTASY - A pirate from 17th Century Scotland saves her heart.
DEMETRA'S FANTASY - A pop star, a were-tiger, combine music and lyrics to rock her world and heart.
NATALY'S FANTASY - An Olympian demi-god deceives at first, then wins the heart of the wood nymph.


Texas Heat (Hot Flash)
Price: $3.99

   What a lousy forty-second birthday Charlie Reynolds is having, the only gifts—a pair of cowboy boots she bought and cake by the town’s diner proprietor. An embarrassing moment with the new veterinarian tops the day off. Divorced and lonely, she soon discovers her libido isn’t dead. Lusting after the tall and handsome doctor can’t go anywhere. No way would he be interested in a plain, older woman ready to be put out to pasture. Or so she thinks.
    Zach Callahan is heating up the ladies in the town of Brady Hills. He returned to his Texas roots from Virginia to start a new life taking over a thriving practice. The first day, he meets a gorgeous woman, and is instantly smitten—cowboy boots and all. He’s only interested in heating up the sheets with one woman in Texas, and she doesn’t want anything to do with him. Or so he thinks.
    Temperatures rise as the heat between Charlie and Zach reaches the boiling point.


The Cougar and Her Vampire
Price: $4.99

   Recently divorced Payton Fleming vacations in Crete, looking for a quiet resort to get away from the chaos of the death of her best friend, a serial killer, and an ex-husband.
    The adventure at the resort brings more than she expected—a young man with a story to tell. Concerned with the age difference, Payton knows there is something else he is keeping from her.
    Christian MacKenzie is an entrepreneur in the hospitality and entertainment business, owner of Nocturnal Entertainment and Hospitality Corporation, luxury resorts and nightclubs around the world. He escapes to his favorite resort on Crete, and meets his vision of a Greek goddess, a mysterious beauty, but fears she will reject him because of what he is, a vampire.
    After returning to Miami, and a rival from his past threatens their happiness, will their love survive all the obstacles along the way?


Top Dog (Shifter Tales 1)
Price: $4.99

   Shape shifter Drake Martin has a problem. FBI agent Kady Hartley loves him. Both of him. She doesn’t know he and her pet, the eight pound Yorkshire terrier  she named Precious were one and the same. Kady’s latest assignment further complicates the situation. Drake follows her to New Orleans where she and a team are in for more than they realize against human traffickers. Taking down the bad guys while keeping her safe means walking a tightrope between lover and beloved pet.  
   During the adventure, he has her back, her heart… and her lap.

Leave a comment on this post, and you'll be entered to win a PDF copy of any title from my back list. Don't forget to go find my letter and you'll be entered to win one of the Grand Prizes through Secret Cravings Publishing, but collect all of them.



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