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Bitten by Paranormal Romance Blog Hop September 13-16

Hello, and welcome to my entry into the Bitten By Paranormal Romance Giveaway Blog Hop!!!! As you can see by taking a tour of my blog, I do write erotic paranormal romance, heavy into the vampire kind. If you haven't taken a look around, please do. As my part in the blog hop, I'll be giving away a PDF copy of one of my backlist books. All you have to do to be entered is leave a comment below and follow my blog. For additional entries, you can also follow me on Twitter, Goodreads or my Facebook page. A valid email address needs to be provided in the comment area below and verification of following. Winner will be drawn by

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Until then, enjoy an eXXXcerpt from my latest release, Born Again in Dreams, released today with Secret Cravings Publishing!!! This is the third book in the Born Vampire Series. The first two, Born to Be Wild, and Born to Play are available in eBook and Print format at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookStrand, All Romance eBook and Secret Cravings Publishing.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy!!!

Cynthia Arsuaga

The Master of His Domain

Sorin Bochinsky, Master and Commander of the Eastern European Blood Family, controls everyone and everything around him, except the woman of his dreams with the face of an angel prevents his needed rest. She’s the light to his dark, scarred and pained existence. The search begins to find her before he goes insane.

An Angel Awakens
Merliah Travers suffered more than serious injuries from a car accident over four years ago. She awakens in a place where the pain and scars have hidden her away from the world. A fantasy lover leads her out of the darkness and into the light, then discovers a special ability acquired during the coma has put her in danger with a fanatic killer.

Two lost, scarred souls battle a psychopath and their inner demons to unite as one, to never be alone, and be born again in dreams, forever.

With her chin lifted, she gazed into his eyes. A smile curved the corner of her lips. “Dare I guess what you want?”

“We’re not discussing me, angel.”

“No, we’re not.”
“So, I’ll ask again. Tell me, what do you want, angel?” He asked this time with a huskier voice.
“I–I want you. Don’t tease me. I need you to love me like you mean it.”
He tightened the hold on her shoulders. “I’m not playing games, Merliah. This is real, not a dream.” In a flash, he pulled her arms over her head with one hand and cupped her chin with the other. “Now since I’ve found you, if I take what I want, will you take what you want?” His body pressed harder into hers, and then he lowered his head, his lips just inches from hers. Each breath she took scraped her breasts against his chest, and even though layers of clothing separated them, electricity arced between their bodies.
“Oh God. Kiss me, Sorin. Take me in a slow, tantalizing and seductively masterful way. Make this time last until the end. That’s my fantasy.” The silky tone of her voice flowed wantonly like a gentle teasing breeze over his inflamed skin.
With her making the assertive move, his experience suggested he had the answer. His angel wanted him as much as he did her. All he ever desired was to hear the acceptance from her. Here in this make-believe world, they both lived unencumbered by the outside forces which could keep them apart. They were free to love each other without the confines of pain or remorse, and he without the beast within begging for release. She suffered an unknown fear he was bound and determined to find out more about.
He licked the dryness from his lips with the tip of his tongue. Before she could thwart his attempt, Sorin’s lips captured hers in a powerful kiss. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer and he willingly let her. His body tingled as he remembered gliding his hands over her smooth skin in the dream from the night before. Her back arched upward to meet him. Despite his long practiced self-control, Sorin felt his body come alive. The sensation more intense than any he’d had in years. The freedom to let go without maintaining control enlivened every nerve in his body. Fire coursed through him, sending its heat to his burgeoning erection. The kiss was heavenly just like her, but he needed more. He broke the embrace and inched the fabric of her dress up over her thighs.
“Oh yes, Sorin. Touch me. Make love to me.”
“Pretend I’m part of your fantasy. Tell me what you want. We won’t be interrupted this time, not like last night.”
She blushed. “Interrupted? The dream last night wasn’t…I mean you were there, in my head. I wasn’t dreaming?”
The red glow on her face endeared him. She would learn to trust him to give her what she desired, what she craved. His gaze focused on her full lips. “No you weren’t, I came to you. If what we shared was a dream or our minds interconnected somehow, I don’t know, but does any of that matter now? Tell me,” he asked, through gritted teeth. “Do you want me to kiss you like this?” Slowly and deliberately, he kissed across her cheek toward the throbbing vein below her ear. He suckled the gentle skin and heard the rush of her breath past his ear, but the sound of her blood didn’t echo in his head. For the first time in centuries, the urge to bite vanished. “Or harder?” The nibbles along the column of her neck he found just as rewarding, just as intoxicating.
“Please, Sorin. Should we be—”
He silenced her with a crushing kiss. He deepened it, and she made a whimpering sound. Stroking and suckling, he teased her lips apart. Their tongues intertwined and danced, thrusting in and withdrawing for long moments. She moaned in delight. He kept the pressure on her mouth as his right hand slid over her hip. After he released her arms above her head, she wiggled her hands up under his tight black T-shirt which stretched across his bulging pecs and flat abs. His breath hitched at the unexpected shock of a fingernail flicking and swirling over his nipples, teasing each erect. Mmm, I think she likes it hard and rough.
“Fuck! This isn’t working well. Clothes have to go.”
He stood up and pulled her to her feet at the same time. Merliah’s gaze dropped to the waistband of his black trousers, and then to the bulge at his groin, and with her eyes burning with intensity, he realized her highly aroused state. He didn’t need to use his vampire skills. Their times together in the dreams made him keenly aware of her preferences and desires. His stomach knotted with instant need with the knowledge, causing his cock to press harder on the zipper of his trousers, causing some discomfort. He enjoyed the new pleasure of reading her body instead of using his senses as a vampire to recognize them. His heart raced in anticipation of discovering the nuances of her body from this new perspective. Like exploring virgin territory.
“Do you think anyone will see us?”
“No, I believe the trees are thick enough where we are. We should be hidden. I can barely see the light on the other side.” His tongue slid along a full bottom lip. “Now, let me undress you.”
As he steadied her, he reached around her back and slowly drew down the zipper. He smiled as the dress slipped from her shoulders and down her body, landing in a puddle on the ground. She stood before him in matching black bra and panties. “I want to see every inch of your skin, to touch you all over. Experience you like this is our first time.” Then he slipped one digit under the strap of her bra and gently nudged it off her shoulder. Reaching around, he unclipped the fastener and the delicate lacy fabric fell to the ground. Cupping the lush flesh of her breasts, he kneaded the generous orbs until she leaned forward against him.
“Oh, don’t stop, Sorin,” she pleaded softly.
His fingers gently traced the contours of her brow, her cheek, her jaw, slowly moving toward the curve of her throat. Bending his head forward, he brushed his mouth across the tingling skin, trailing tiny kisses down her neck.
“Oh yes, I want that too. Please…” Her voice trailed off.
Sorin’s grin widened. “But first, I want to taste you.” He dropped to his knees between her legs and brushed his hand across the skin of her thigh. “Spread your legs for me, angel.”
Without hesitation, she did as he demanded. Using one finger, he hooked it around the elastic and tugged the slight slip of lacy fabric down over her hips, then tore them away from her body, growling his pleasure.
“Hey, those were my nicest pair.”
“I’ll get you another.” One hand held her hip and the other palmed her mound. He glanced up at her and licked his lips, then slipped his tongue between her tender folds, tasting her with a groan of what sounded like relief.
She threw her head back with a hiss, “Oh God yes!”
He sucked and licked, urged on as her cries and pants got more urgent. Pressing closer and teasing her pussy with his tongue, he then slipped a finger into her heat and groaned as he flicked more forcefully. She squirmed under his ministrations and arched her body into his mouth as she opened wider for him. He spread the swollen lips and ran his tongue from the bottom to the top but stopped just short of touching her clit. She moaned and whimpered, seeming to want to be licked senselessly. Taking the suggestion with determination, he licked and tugged all around the sensitive nubbin, resisting the little nudges she kept making to push him to the point of pleasure.
Finally, she grabbed his hair. “You’re teasing me. Touch me there,” she demanded.
A soft growl vibrated in the back of his throat and he chuckled inwardly. His angel was taking control and he’d have none of that. Bringing her to submission was his primary goal and he’d provide the incentive for her to succumb to his dominance. The more his lips touched hers, the more he insinuated his control over her. As soon as she let go of his hair, he sucked the waiting clit inside his mouth and flicked his tongue over and over until she screamed.
“Shh, angel. You’ll draw attention to us.” He stopped and waited for her to catch her breath then started licking and sucking again. Just when he sensed she was about to climax again, he stopped and stood up.
“On your hands and knees, angel.” As she complied with his demand, he divested the remainder of his clothing. He dropped to his knees and positioned his long and thick cock at her entrance. “You’re so wet and ready for me.” Then he ran his cockhead along her swollen folds, lubricating the tip with her juices, and with one thrust he pushed inside her hot sheath. She groaned and pushed back against him until he entered her just a few inches. He stopped and pulled out and repeated again. The soft mewing noises she made indicated her need for more, and still he stopped just short of fully entering her. He wanted her begging and he didn’t have to wait long. His angel was a quick learner.
“Please,” Merliah cried.
“Please what?”
“Make love to me. I can’t stand it anymore. I need you inside, Sorin.”
Obliged to please, he plunged his rock-hard cock deep into her moist heat. As her wet sheath gripped him, he roared his pleasure, which echoed through the forest of her creation. Her internal muscles contracted around his shaft, wringing another moan from both of them. She met his rhythm, urging him on. The need to feel her milk him to completion pulsed through his body. “So tight and wet.” He leaned over and growled into her ear.


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