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Oh, I'm so honored to have Elizabeth J. Kolodziej in my crib today! She's sharing with us a little Christmas in July! Please give a warm welcome and don't forget to leave a comment after reading. Take it away Elizabeth!
Hello everyone! I am Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, PNR (Paranormal Romance) author of The Last Witch Series. However, I am currently trying my hand at the erotica genre in an attempt to broaden my horizons. Sascha Illyvich (Sizzler Editions) as been a great help for me entering the genre and getting more novellas out there. My first novellas is within the novella listed below. I really hope you check it out and let me know what you think of my first erotica novella!

The Sexiest Time of the Year:

Erotic Encounters of the Yule Season

During the holiday season everyone's thoughts turn to amour. Everyone has an idea of what kind of romantic or sexual encounter they want as a present. No wonder it is the sexiest time of the year. Have a happy, merry, and - best of all - kinky holiday season with this anthology of yule erotica! Wishes are fulfilled from true love to forbidden sexual longings in these stories by Clarice Clique, JP Archer And Lani Rhea, Elizabeth J. Kolodziej, and edited by master of erotic romance, Sascha Illyvich! 

Demon Protection Plan By Elizabeth Kolodziej Synopsis: Kasidy is a 26 year old, independent smart-ass whose mouth should be washed out with soap. On top of that, she’s half-demon with daddy issues and has a fiery temper, literally. Kasidy unknowingly gets herself involved with a mob take down and ends up forced into witness protection under the stoic Officer Decland Kerrigan for God knows how many weeks. How will she survive, especially when neither one of them can stand each other? And will she be able to live under the watchful eye of a mortal and protect her half demon identity while mobsters and demons alike come to take her and Decland both out for good? 

Winter by Clarice Clique Synopsis: This story brings us a young woman’s journey. Have the gods really chosen her and just what have they chosen her for? So many questions remain unanswered for the young woman. All she knows is that she is not destined to die like Therion has declared. While she may not know her own name she does know what she feels, especially what she feels for her prince. 

The Ark Hotel-Before the Dawn By JP Archer and Lani Rhea Synopsis: The story gives you Noah and Angie’s story. On the run from an abusive relationship Angie finds herself in a small town and at the mercy of strangers. Little does Angie know but the very thing that has prompted her reason to run is connected to the man she turns to for help. 


Hotly Ever After Review:

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